Excellent and Free Auto FX Photoshop Plugins

Free Auto FX Photoshop Plugins

I have something fresh, new and free for you. Auto FX has new line of products and new and excellent product sampler or in other words - freebie. With today's fast changes and requirements I just can't live anymore without plugins and that's why I strongly recommend you to download and try DreamSuite Gen1 Sampler App and Mystical Gen1 Sampler App. Both (comes actually as one) plugins are great addition to Photoshop, runs fast and offers tons of great features: layering, masking, snapshots, great amount of control over effects with more than 70 high quality presets. Another great feature is ability to save your own preset.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

System Requirements

First question you may have is about system requirements or will you be able to install and use Auto FX Photoshop plugins. Without to know your configuration my answer is yes. You can download both DreamSuite Gen1 Sampler App and Mystical Gen1 Sampler App from once and run them on any Windows XP+ or Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.8.4 (including Lion and Mountain Lion) computer. When it comes to Photoshop minimum requirement is CS version all the way to Photoshop CC with latest updates which I am running. To not forget to mention standalone app which can run without host application and supports all the major formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD.

How to get free Auto FX Photoshop plugins

Visit Auto FX download demo page, choose your OS and enter valid email to get activation code.

Few helpful tips

As mentioned earlier Auto FX product samplers runs fast and it is extremely easy to understand and use them, however I will give you few helpful tips to get started.

To run Auto FX plugin from Photoshop go to Filter > Auto FX Software > Auto FX Free Filters.

Best way to get started is using presets. Click on Select Preset button in top right side to open Presets window.
Open Auto FX presets window

In Presets window click on plus (+) sign to expand list then click on collection name. By default you will see image with effect, navigate mouse over thumbnail to see before image. When you find preset you like, click on it to select it then click OK button at the botom right corner or just double click thumbnail.
Choose Auto FX preset

On the left side of plugin window you can adjust effect. Here is major tip which is not obvious on first look: after adjusting effect click on Memory dot in top left corner (circle created from dots) to save snapshot or history state so you can return to that state at any time you want during same session.
Save snapshot in Auto FX window

Layers Palette is fabulous and you have lot of control: over layers opacity, visibility, you can change layers stacking order, to delete or mask layer. What else to expect from plugin?

To add layer with new effect click on Select Effect button on the left side and choose one of available effects in free version. This will automatically add new layer with that effect in Layers Palette.
Add new layer with effect in Auto FX plugin window

Last tip for this post is to not miss to use Brush Palette which is also fabulous and gives you visual representation of brush size and opacity.
Brush panel in Auto FX window

That's it for now, grab your free copy and do not forget to share with us your experience or thoughts below in comments section.


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