Better (With More Sensitivity) Sliders in Lightroom Develop Module

Elongate right side panel in Lightroom for precise control over sliders

While working in Lightroom Develop module you may find difficult to move sliders in small increments for precise control. There is solution to just type number in text field on the right side of adjustment or to drag slider slowly. Another way is to use scrubby slider but that does not change much sensitivity of sliders. To use scrubby slider feature just navigate mouse over numbers on the right side of slider but do not click on text field. When mouse turn into hand with double sided arrow, click and drag.
Scrubby slider in Photoshop Lightroom

What you can do to make your life easier and to drag sliders with more freedom while getting more precise control is to expand panel with adjustments on the right side of screen what will elongate all sliders. To expand right side panel just navigate mouse over panel left side border and when it turns into double sided arrow, click and drag to the left.
Elongate right side panel in Photoshop Lightroom


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