Adding Borders and Frames Using Filter Forge

Adding Borders and Frames Using Filter Forge

One of many capabilities of available filters in Filter Forge - The Best Photoshop Plugin is to add borders and frames to the images. There are tons of available filters for this job but I will point to only filters which I am using often. Before we proceed lets stop for a moment to give you few advice's for this wonderful and powerful plugin.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

How to deal with slow rendering filters

I found that some users are complaining on slow rendering of some filters and often crashes. It may be issue with crashes in the past but not anymore. I am using Filter Forge on daily basis and I do not have crash to report last few Months. It is true that some filters are rendering slow but keep in mind that Filter Forge library contains something like 10.000 different filters and many of them are similar so if one is slow in rendering try another. It is worth sometimes to wait for filter to render and other times it is annoying and frustrating. From my experience there are 5–10% of filters that can cause frustration but with amount of available filters that's acceptable. Usually old filters designed for older versions are slow, new filters in 95% of time runs smooth and fast as one expect and need them. Everything depends on filter, file size and off course your hardware configuration. I do not have some amazing configuration and available RAM is 4GB what one can count as low or very low and I do not have any problem with Filter Forge. Here is my approach:

  • If filter is too slow in rendering I am deleting it and then searching for similar filter. Another thing you can do is to record Photoshop action and to solve the problem.
  • For some filters I am saving custom presets so I know that is exactly what I want and in that case it is worth to wait them to render.
  • I can forget about few filters because there are so many useful features in Filter Forge. Who cares if there are 5 or 10 filters in library which I may use sometimes but they are not worth to wait?

Lastly let me mention and this: Filter Forge is not pattern maker, it is much more. That much more is one of the reasons I am writing this post to break association with patterns only because you can enhance image and create special effects in Filter Forge, to convert image to painting or pencil sketch for example, to add borders and frames, to quick create unique pattern from input image or to get hands on and to create something new and unique from existing filter or from scratch in Filter Editor.

Filters to add frames

I will mention few filters which I am using and it is worth to have them installed. All mentioned filters are rendering fast and gives you controls to modify default presets to suite your project or aesthetic needs. Here are my favorites listed in Texture Frames > Frames category:

  • Burnt Edges
  • Carved Wood Frame
  • Old Wood Frame (works with square images)
  • Painting Frame
  • Photo Frame
  • Simple Frame
  • Used Frames
  • Vignetted Edges
  • Wooden Frame
Filter Forge filters to add frames

Filters to add borders

This filters are listed in Effect Filter > Frames category:

  • 35mm Frame
  • Artistic Noise Frame
  • Brushed Edge
  • Charred Pages
  • Diamond edge corrode
  • Edge Generator V3.0
  • Faded photo edge border
  • Film Frame
  • Glass frame 2
  • Grunge Frame
  • Halftone Frame
  • Image Mask Frame
  • Messy Art Frame
  • Painted Frame
  • Paper Art Frame
  • Rough Edge 2
  • Sloppy Borders (not fastest filter but worth to have it)
  • Vignette Zone 2
  • Watercolor Frame
Filter Forge Filters to add borders

All filters listed you can download for free from Fiter Forge site just click get more filters link in top right corner of plugin window.


If you have Filter Forge installed then use all its power and features. Filter Forge is the best available All in one solution and I will keep posting with recommendations for filters which I am using most. Feel free to add your favorites in comments section.


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