Two Essential and Quick Tips for Topaz ReMask

Two Essential and Quick Tips for Topaz ReMask

Recently I published Topaz ReMask review with quick start guide, learning resources and discount code. In this post I will go step further and provide you two essential and must know tips for successful and extremely easy masking with Topaz ReMask combined with power of Refine Mask dialog in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Both tips provided in this post are valid for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 11/12 users and will make huge difference with only four (4) of your clicks. Lets see what is all about.

Use layer mask instead to cut out pixels

First tip is to instruct Topaz ReMask to automatically create layer mask instead to cut out pixels. It is possible and manually to create layer mask after cutting out sufficient portion of an image in ReMask but also and to use built in feature and to skip unnecessary steps in case you will even need them.

This feature is hidden under Preferences and I can guess that many users even do not know about it. Here is what you need to do in order to always get masked instead of deleted pixels in host application which includes and Topaz photoFXlab by the way.

After you run Topaz ReMask click on Menu at the bottom right corner then select Preferences. When Preferences dialog opens check this option: Enable Use-Layer-Mask and confirm on OK.

I assume that Enable Auto-Create-Layer option is also checked. Thats it, from now and on Topaz ReMask will automatically duplicate selected layer in host application (Enable Auto-Create-Layer) but also and automatically create layer mask (Enable Use-Layer-Mask) and delivers to you masked instead of cutout pixels.
Set preferences in Topaz ReMask
There are 3 easy steps to instruct Topaz Remask to automatically duplicate selected layer and to create layer mask instead of cutting out pixels. In Topaz ReMask window click on Menu then select Preferences. In Preferences dialog ensure that Enable Auto-Create-Layer and Enable Use-Layer-Mask options are checked.

Use Refine Mask command in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements

One of huge advantages when running Topaz ReMask as Photoshop and Photoshop Elements plugin is Refine Mask dialog where you can quick, but really quick and really non-destructive improve your masking result. There are only three or four clicks from Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to improve, sometimes and dramatically, your layer mask:

1. Click on layer mask to select it.

2. For Photoshop users: in Properties panel (Window > Properties) click on Mask Edges button. In Photoshop Elements go to Select > Refine Edges.

3. Drag any of sliders in Refine Mask dialog or use Refine Radius Tool. Usually or 95% of time you will use only one (1) slider like Radius in combination with Contrast or Shift Edges.

4. In case you have color fringe along the edges as I do in this case, use  Decontaminate Colors command.
Use Refine Mask dialog to additionally improve mask created in Topaz ReMask
After creating mask in Topaz ReMask plugin you can improve it in Refine Mask dialog if necessary. In Photoshop first select layer mask in Layers panel then click Mask Edge button in Properties panel (Window > Properties). Third step is to use power of Refine Mask dialog. In Photoshop Elements after selecting layer mask go to Select > Refine Edges.


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