SpecKing Photoshop Plugin Makes Measurements and Design Specs Easy

SpecKing Photoshop plugin to measure sizes and distances

SpecKing is Photoshop plugin which will make your life easier to measure distances, sizes and font properties in any PSD file. It works with layered files but also can be used with flat designs to get measurements as overlays. Overlays will be placed on top of layers stack properly named, organized, grouped and won't mess your layered document.

How things works

SpecKing is extremely easy to use, just select layer in Layers panel then choose what you want to measure on SpecKing panel. By default all distances or sizes that this plugin can measure are selected. Lastly click Measure Sizes/Distances and wait a second.
How to measure sizes and distances with SpecKing

When SpecKing finish its job, you will see in your file labels with measurements. SpecKing will also create top level group on top of Layers panel with nested groups and separate layers for boxes and labels. Everything will be properly named with name of measured layer in front of group name. Excellent, isn't it? Exactly what you need and what one can expect from this excellent plugin.
Layers organization after running SpecKing

For flat files you will need to create selection around an object to successfully run plugin and to get desired sizes or distances. In case you have text layer and you need text properties, process is pretty much the same: select type layer, choose properties from SpecKing panel then click Get Properties button.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

Quality of SpecKing plugin

I tested SpecKing with numerous of files and everything works just fine. All I can say is that SpecKing works perfect and delivers what developer is promising in promotional video.

Price and availability

Price for SpecKing Photoshop plugin is $19 (single license) and you can buy it from here. Plugin can be used with Photoshop CS5, CS6 & CC on Mac and Windows computers.


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