Quick Create Unique Backgrounds Using ReStyle in Photoshop Elements

Quick Create Unique Backgrounds Using ReStyle in Photoshop Elements

As you already know ReStyle is a star among Topaz plugins and my favorite. You also know that ReStyle is amazing and works very well with patterns and textures, but do you know how quickly you can create unique and amazing background from Photoshop Elements 12 graphics presets? With four(4) clicks you can transform Brown Paper to colorful, appealing, unique background. That's what I will show you in this post. To follow along and see power in action download ReStyle free trial and Photoshop Elements 12 if you do not have any of them installed.

Create unique background with four clicks

The very first task is to choose some of many Elements Graphics > Backgrounds. For my composition which is created using actions in progress: Collage from single image V2. If you want to achieve similar final result then download free sample action from here. I found that Brown Paper may work but it is not exactly what I am looking for. In my opinion background for this composition should be dark so composition will come in focus or background should be pretty colourful. Lets give a try to ReStyle to see four(4) clicks I am talking about in action.
Choose background in Photoshop Elements

Click one Run Topaz ReStyle
First click is on Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz ReStyle.

Click two Grid preview
Second click we will spend to click on Grid preview icon in Topaz ReStyle. I will go with Architecture Collection which was last used.
Click to enter grid preview in Photoshop Elements

Click three Choose preset
I found very quickly what I like but you can experiment with various options available in Grid preview. In my case it was Shaded Saturation. It needs one click on preset thumbnail to go back to ReStyle main window.
Choose preset in Topaz ReStyle gid preview

Click four Confirm and return in Photoshop Elements
I won't do anything else although there are plenty of options to play with in the right sidebar of ReStyle window. My fourth click goes straightly on OK button to confirm and return to Photoshop Elements.
Final composition using Brown Paper and ReStyle


Since there are plenty of presets, for precision more than 1000 and lot of sliders to play with, perhaps I could get and better result but I am very satisfied and with this one. It saved me time and I have colourful background which I like. What about you? Do not hesitate to share with me how and when you are using Topaz ReStyle.


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