Loupe Live View for Secondary Window in Lightroom

Loupe Live View for Secondary Window in Lightroom

Second Window or Secondary Display can be extremely useful in Photoshop Lightroom when working with single monitor or on laptop. Especially useful is Loupe Live view when set to 100% or any other level of magnification. I am using it often to quick examine photos in Library Grid view to see if I missed something like to remove some spots, small blemishes or extras which can not contribute to overall quality of photograph. The main advantage of Live Loupe view is that you can see instantly in 100% part of photo below your cursor in Library Grid (G) view. This is dynamic view and moving cursor over another image will instantly update what you see in Secondary Display.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

How to set up Second Display for dynamic instant 100% preview

All you have to do is to click on number 2 at the bottom left corner (press F6 if you do not see filmstrip) and to select Loupe and Live in Secondary Display. Furthermore you can control level of magnification at the bottom right corner of Secondary Display or Second Window. After setting things as explained just move cursor over any image in Library Grid View to see in 100% preview part of image which is below your cursor.
How to set up Loupe Live View for Secondary Window in Lightroom
When you have enabled Secondary Display > Loupe > Live view, it will show you instantly part of photo below your cursor. Loupe Live view is dynamic and you can hover mouse over any photo and its part in Library Grid view.


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