How to Keep Objects Always on Top and Visible with Adobe Muse

How to Keep Objects Always on Top and Visible in Adobe Muse

In case I was not very clear in title here is more detailed explanation what is all about: to keep menus always on top of page and always visible while visitor is scrolling down or jumping to section. You can set menus to jump to section in one page portfolio for example instead to open some other page on your site. It can be actually any object like links to like your social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. On some sites you can see promo with discount code or banner to purchase page always on top of page. That can be also done in Adobe Muse very easy.
Example with promo link always on top of browser window
Here is example with promotional banner and menus always on top of page. Both banner and menus will stay on top during visit on site regardless of visitor up/down scrolling.

How to set properties for object in Muse to be always on top and visible on screen

As I already mentioned pinned on top or anywhere else on page can be any object on any page. Best of all object on master page can be pinned too what is extremely useful because it will appear on every single page to which particular master page is applied without you to take any further action. And yes, object(s) will be always on top of page/window and always visible to visitor regardless of scrolling up or down.

In this example I will use master page and menus which are actually set to jump to sections using Anchor links which are visible in Design mode but not on published site or when previewing it in Muse or web browser (useful to know).
Jump to section on page using navigation
This is example of one page portfolio. Menus are actually shortcuts to quick jump to specific portion of page. On screenshot above I clicked portfolio to quick jump to that section. Menu is always on top of page/window for quick access regardless of visitor scrolling. This can be done in Muse by using Anchor to link to specific portion or section on page.
The whole trick or job is to select object(s) you want to have always visible to visitor and to set Pin anchor point in options bar but also to move objects above other content in Layers panel. Best way is to create new layer, give it meaningful name then to copy object(s) and paste them using Edit > Paste in Place command to retain original and exact positions of object(s).
Pin selected objects in Muse and move them on top in Layers panel
To ensure that some object like menu will be always on top of page and always visible and accessible to visitor you need to select object(s) then to set Pin anchor point in options bar. Lastly ensure that selected and pinned objects are above of the rest of content on page. Easiest way to ensure that pinned objects are above of the other page content is to move them on top layer in Layers panel.

Where to download free Muse templates and where to find inspiration

In this tutorial I am using free Adobe Muse template downloaded from site. If you are interested in detailed tutorials, free samples and templates visit Adobe Muse/Tutorials page and for inspiration go to Site of the Day page.
Adobe Muse site of the Day
Adobe Muse site is excellent resource to get started with this excellent and easy to use application for web designers. Beside tutorials and practice/example files you can find and inspiration in Site of the Day section. Once you get to the point and start creating sites there is link in top right corner to submit your work to be featured.


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