Easiest Way to Get Started with Edge Animate

Easiest way to get started with Edge Animate

Since you are reading this post I can guess that you have heard about Edge Animate but you have never tried it out. Just quick reminder for Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers: Edge Animate is a part of your subscription and you can download it and start using immediately. Here we are: start using! How to start using Edge Animate? Searching for video tutorials, reading step by step guides or by downloading templates and samples? You have quick links for all getting started solutions mentioned above at the welcome screen but I will suggest you to start as I started: by using built in Getting Started tutorials with step by step guides and project samples.

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Getting Started tutorials

So first launch Edge Animate and on welcome screen select or click on Getting Started tab. I will suggest you to start with Motion Paths tutorial and sample files.

Edge Animate welcome screen

Just click on Motion Paths title and Lessons panel will appear on the left side of your screen.
Getting Started tab in Edge Animate welcome screen

Next is to click on link Click to open the sample. After opening sample files in Edge Animate click Next Step link at the right side of screen.
Open sample files to practice in Edge Animate

Follow step by step tutorial. Instructions are very clear, easy to follow and with lot of screenshots so you just can not fail to complete task.
Follow step by step instructions in Edge Animate

After you complete first task or lesson play around with your own images, backgrounds and graphics then continue with other built in getting started tutorials. For more getting started tutorials use links from welcome screen or click Lessons link which is on top left side of Lessons panel.

How to get free samples and templates

If you want some free templates and samples then go to File > Create from Template. When templates window opens click on Browse Templates Online link at the left bottom side.
Download free templates and sample files for Edge Animate

Why to use Edge Animate

This will be conclusion and my thoughts and reason why I even start messing with Edge Animate. The main reason is because I expect to be easy to use as Adobe is promising and second and most important reason: animations are more effective then still images and there isn't better way to promote something or to draw someone's attention. No one can ignore something that is moving on screen, remember that. I have read about effectiveness of animations but also and tested on myself. I have never, ever missed to see whatever was moving on web page.


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