Resample Images Before Running Topaz Plugins

Resize image before running Topaz plugins

One of best advices and essential tip is to resample, actually to downsample images in most cases, before proceeding with adjustments and effects. This is essential tip in general: straighten, crop and resample (change image size) before any color and other correction. First of all if you plan to post image to Facebook for example, do you need to work with image which is 3246x2494px? No, you don't. You will downsample image at the end of process to 960px at longer edge anyway. In between Photoshop, Photoshop Elements... will need more memory to process any changes you will make on image. It's the same and with plugins, in fact it is even more critical and important to properly size image, off course if you know final image destination.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

Topaz plugins and Image Size

Now, I am using most of the time 5 of Topaz plugins: DeNoise, Adjust (do not forget it is on sale through September 30th, 2013), Clarity, B&W Effects and ReStyle. Three of mentioned five plugins are generating quick smart previews (Grid preview) and process time depend on original image size: for larger images plugins need more time to generate previews. That's not all, if you want to apply more then one set of adjustments or effects (Apply button in Adjust, Detail, Lens Effects, Simplify and Star Effects on the bottom right side) then you can end up waiting without reason while adjustment or effect is applied to your huge image with tons of pixels which you will through away on export or save.
Preparing previews in Topaz Clarity

On other hand when working with DeNoise (almost every single image) I always want to navigate and see different parts of enlarged image. Each of Topaz plugins has Navigator, fortunately, but again image size contributes to overall experience and time needed to accomplish task.
Navigate image in Topaz DeNoise


So conclusion is to always but always, or whenever you know final destination and final image size, first spend a moment to visit Image > Image Size dialog and eliminate extra pixels ( 99% of time with today's technology) which you do not need. You will get overall better experience and greater speed with host application and Topaz plugins which I really like and I am recommending them to anyone who is working with digital images in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom...
Image Size dialog in Photoshop


  1. This is a very very bad advice !
    for most editing job it's crucial to be able to work on the highest resolution available and only downsample when outputing to your destination image.

  2. Very good Mr. Thibaud, continue working with highest possible resolution. Keep in mind that resampling image does not mean throw away some pixels and other keep as they are, its not possible. Pixels on image will slightly change their colors when resampling and thats not noticable if you do not pay attention and test. Now, why one should adjust image and then resample it?


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