New and Improved Paths Selection Options in Photoshop CC (v14.1)

New Path Selection Tools Options in Photoshop CC 14.1

There are some new features to work with path selection tools in Adobe Photoshop CC. To use new features ensure you have updated Photoshop CC to 14.1. I tested new and improved features and everything works fine, paths selection tools are better then ever.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

Select Individual Anchor Points Using Direct Selection Tool

To select individual anchor point(s) on single shape/path with Direct Selection Tool ensure Active Layers option is selected in Options bar from Select: drop-down menu and Layer with shape or path in Paths panel is active/selected.
Select anchor point in Photoshop CC

Select Individual Anchor Points on Multiple Layers

To select individual anchor points on multiple layers, All Layers option in Options bar should be chosen then click + Shift click on anchor points.
Select individual anchor points on multiple layers in Photoshop CC

Select Shape/Path Using Path Selection Tool

To select entire shape/path using Path Selection Tool with Active Layers option in Options bar, shape layer in Layers panel or path in Paths panel must be selected/activated first.
Seect shape using Path Selection Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC

Select Multiple Shapes Using Direct Selection Tool + Enter Isolation Mode

If you want to automatically select individual/multiple shapes using Path Selection Tool on the same or separate shape layers first choose All Layers from Options bar. By clicking on any shape you will automatically select it, to select multiple shapes hold down Shift key then click on the next shape. You can also select multiple shapes by dragging marquee over shapes with Path Selection Tool and All Layers option chosen in Options bar.
Select multiple shape layers using Path Selection Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC

Isolation mode by double clicking shape with Path Selection Tool is available only with All Layers option chosen from Select drop-down menu in Options bar.
Enter Isolation Mode for Shape Layer in Photoshop CC

Keyboard Shortcut to Toggle Selection Mode

In addition there is option to assign keyboard shortcut to toggle between 2 available options from Select: drop-down list with Path or Direct Selection Tool active in Options bar. To assign custom keyboard shortcut and quick switch between Active and All Layers, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. From Shortcuts For: drop-down list choose Tools. Scroll down and find Direct Selection Mode Toogle. Click on option name or on the right side of it to appear empty text field, click inside text field then press key which you want to use as shortcut (it can be any single key).
Assign keyboard shortcut to toggle path selection mode in photoshop CC

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