How To Use Topaz ReStyle With Patterns and Textures

How To Use Topaz ReStyle With Patterns and Textures

I discovered one more way to use amazing and incredible Topaz ReStyle and I am going to share my discovery in this post. Now, Am I sitting here and discovering what can be done with ReStyle?. Not at all. The thing is that I have lot of textures and patterns. During time some of them starts to be boring, others are out of date and so on. Searching on my drive for background for my new project I found several interesting textures which I may want to use but... if I could only... restyle them!. Exactly, if I could only change colors which are little bit boring and not so suitable for background on my project. If only that can be easy and from once and with tons of generated previews to choose. Ha!. Sounds unreal unless you know potential of Topaz ReStyle. Let's see what I did and what is my discovery and tip. Note: I am working with Photoshop in this case but you can follow along and with Photoshop Elements.

If you want to follow along with me but for some strange reason you do not have ReStyle installed on your machine, go and download free trial from Topaz Labs site.

Using ReStyle with textures

As already mentioned I have tons of textures downloaded from internet and in this case my eyes stopped at grunge textures.
Grunge texture

I open one texture in Photoshop with ReStyle in mind. Filter > Topaz Labs > Topaz ReStyle followed with grid preview. Wow! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Take a look at screenshot below what Restyle has to offer. And that's only Nature collection. There are 10 more collections with more than 1000 different styles. Honestly, isn't this amazing?
Grunge texture with Topaz ReStyle nature collection in grid view

Using ReStyle with seamless tiling patterns

I didn't stop with textures off course. Next thing I tried out is how this discovery can work with seamless tiling patterns. Wood! Wood! seamless tiling patterns for example which you can download through Adobe Exchange panel in Photoshop CS6/CC (Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange).

Here is what you can do with seamless tiling patterns to give them new life and save brand new patterns: first load patterns and figure out patterns size. Open Preset Manager (Edit > Presets > Preset Manager), choose Patterns from Preset Type drop-down list and hover mouse over pattern thumbnail. Photoshop will display tool tip with pattern name, color mode and pixel dimensions. Now that you know pattern dimensions go and create new document with same dimensions as pattern. Create New fill layer and use pattern of your choice. Next is to run ReStyle from Filter menu.
Run Topaz ReStyle from Adobe Photoshop

In ReStyle window choose Collection, click on grid icon as explained here and you will be amazed.
Topaz ReStyle grid view

Its on you to choose which style or preset you like and to click once on thumb to go back in main ReStyle window. Continue working and adjusting preset settings if you want then confirm on OK button to return in Photoshop.
Topaz ReStyle side by side view

Last step is to save brand new pattern from Edit > Define Pattern.
Save pattern in Adobe Photoshop


  1. Wow! That is amazing! I love the blue grunge/watercolor looking image above! Both of those styles, grunge and watercolor, are really popular, too! Some day I'll add Topaz to my work flow. Along with Filter Forge. LOL
    Thanks for sharing!



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