How To Reset Parameters (Adjustments) in Topaz Plugins

Reset parameters to defaults in Topaz plugins

Topaz plugins offers tons of presets and lot of controls over parameters (adjustments) used for preset. I guess you already realized Reset (Reset All) button at the bottom right side of each Topaz plugin. Reset All button resets all parameters to its defaults and is useful to bring everything at the beginning or to see your image as it is imported or opened in some of Topaz - Excellent Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom Plugins.
Reset all parameters in Topaz plugins

Furthermore there is Reset icon at the right side of each tab or section to reset parameters in that section to its defaults. This option is not available in all Topaz plugins by the way.
Reset section to its defaults in Topaz plugins

But what if you want to reset only one slider or only one parameter to its defaults because you realized that you was dragging wrong slider?. Trying manually to drag slider and to bring it to default value is a pain and needs patience and precise slow dragging. Instead of trying manual painful method just double click parameter name which is on top or right side of slider.
Reset individual parameter to default values in Topaz plugins

In this tutorial I am using Topaz ReStyle new star on Topaz sky and Photoshop Lightroom as a host application, read from here How to Run Topaz Plugins From Photoshop Lightroom.

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