How to Change Font Preview Size in Photoshop CC

How to change font preview size in Adobe Photoshop CC

Starting from Photoshop CS6 version we have Type menu and option to change font preview size which can come very handy when you are not certain which font to use. Since I am not writing tutorials backward I will give you instructions using current Photoshop CC version.

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When searching for perfect font then rule the bigger the better applies. Since font preview is global setting you can change it even without any document open and this change will remain default until you change it manually. To change font preview size go to Type > Font Preview Size > option.
Change font preview size in Photoshop CC from Type menu

Immediately after changing font preview size you will see changes in Set the font family drop-down list in Options bar but also and in Character panel and Character/Paragraph  Style Options dialogs.
Font preview in Photoshop CC set to Large font preview


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