Check Spelling in Adobe Photoshop

How to check spelling in Adobe Photoshop

Among many other useful features, Photoshop have and Spell Checker, don't you know? Its not in Type menu because Check Spelling is not new option and is located under Edit > Check Spelling... What you need to know before using this command is to select any layer in Layers panel otherwise warning pop-up message will appear with information about program error. Note: The Check Spelling command does not check spelling in hidden or locked layers.

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When Check Spelling dialog appear, ensure Check All Layers option is checked to check spelling in entire document or on all Type layers and proceed. For more specific options see Reference at the bottom of post.
Check Spelling dialog in Adobe Photoshop

Change Spell Checker Dictionary in Adobe Photoshop

When checking text for errors and misspellings you will see and spell checker language or dictionary in use at the bottom of Check Spelling dialog and this option is dimmed out, can not be changed from this dialog. To change spell checker dictionary you must manually change language for each Type layer in document. Do not worry, it is very easy task in Photoshop CS6+. Here are steps:
  1. Filter for Type layers in Layers panel by clicking T icon.
  2. Select all Type layers.
  3. Open Window > Character panel and click Set the language... (language in use is displayed).
  4. Chose language from the list.
Steps to change language for already typed text in Adobe Photoshop

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Photoshop CC

Photoshop / Editing text


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