50% Discount on Topaz Adjust

50% Discount on Topaz Adjust

There are some good news from Topaz Labs: Topaz Adjust will be 50% off ($24.99) from September 9th through September 30th, 2013. This is unique chance to get probably most popular Topaz photography plugin for a fraction of cost. Topaz Adjust is high quality and essential tool for photographers and anyone who work with digital images. You can try before purchasing full functional Topaz Adjust plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, Aperture from this link. When you decide to purchase Topaz Adjust enter this promo code: septadjust. Now let me present you some key benefits of Topaz Adjust.

Topaz is not charging for upgrades

Current version is Topaz Adjust 5 but you do not have to worry much about version since Topaz is not charging for upgrades what means that you will be able to upgrade for free to any feature release.

Lot of high quality presets

Topaz Adjust ships with tons of high quality presets which are usually more then good starting point, but you may find some of them to be good enough for what you are trying to get from your image. Presets are sorted and grouped in Collections on the left side of screen and you will very easy get to the point and purpose of each collection.
Presets in Topaz Adjust plugin for Photoshop

Topaz Adjust gives you every control you may need

Adjust is essential tool to work with digital images and gives you high quality control to work with noise, tones, colors and details. That's not all, you can add border, vignette, grain or to blend adjusted image with original without even to leave plugin window. And that's not all, you can create snapshots or to apply several sets of adjustments from once by clicking Apply button what will apply current set of adjustments and let you to continue working with image. Everything you need to tweak starting preset is grouped properly and as expected on the right side of window in 3 main sections : Global Adjustments, Local Adjustments and Finishing Touches.
Finishing Touches in Topaz Adjust

Excellent support, help and documentation + video tutorials +  free webinars

Topaz has excellent 5 star help and support for all of their products. Beside that they are extremely responsive there is and excellent documentation which you can access from within the plugin window. For documentation and video tutorials click on Menu at the bottom left corner of plugin window and choose User Guide or Tutorials. To attend free webinars and ask your question directly during session follow this link and sign up.
Access help and support from Topaz Adjust

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