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Review of Topaz ReStyle - Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom plugin

In this post, I will review a new product from Topaz which will be available for download starting on August 8th, 2013. The product name is ReStyle and I bet many people will love it because it has 1000 one-click presets which can be easily adjusted and blended with original image without to leave Topaz plugin. Now when we speak about a lot of presets just to mention that user can preview how the image will look like with each of presets applied. The plugin is generating very fast previews which are an excellent way to decide about which one to use. There are and options to mark and favorite presets so user can easily preview only favorites. Before I start with introduction let me tell you about the price which is $59.99 but due to the launch of new product, guys from Topaz decided to sell it at 50% price for a limited time from 8th to 31st August 2013. To take advantage of this special offer use promo code: restyleit and do not forget that Topaz is not charging for upgrades or in other words you will get lifetime upgrades for free. Topaz plugins works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom by the way if you are asking about the availability of this plugin for your favorite image editing program.

Photoshop Plus

Grid preview with presets applied

If you are Topaz user or you have tried some of their plugins there a lot of chances that you have never take advantage of generated previews which are present in this plugin. This relatively new feature works perfect and generates very fast quality previews with presets applied. To use this feature first off course launch Topaz ReStyle plugin then select any of collection on the top left side. Below collections list, you will see Presets with a huge amount of one-click presets with the name of preset on top and colors which will be used below. Note that strip between Collections and Presets contains several icons which are very important and contains some amazing options like to see the image with previously applied preset, to quickly find similar presets or to see only presets marked as favorite.

There is an option to navigate mouse over the preset name to see the image with preset applied in pop-up window but that would take a long time to check all available presets. Until you find, save and bookmark (favorite) presets you like most, use a new and amazing feature which allows you to see your image with all presets from current collection applied in grid view. Click once on grid icon and wait for a second Topaz to generate previews.
Topaz ReStyle Grid View

Refine thumbnail presets grid preview

In Grid view, you have Collection drop-down list at the top but also and icons to refine what you see in grid view. To have all these options available and refine view you should first mark and favorite presets using icons below each generated preview. Colors below preview can be also helpful if you have in mind some specific color which you want to be primary preset color. Click on any color below thumbnail and ReStyle will re-create previews with clicked color as primary one.
Refine grid thumbnail preview in Topaz ReStyle

More refinement options and how to choose preset you like or want to have as staring point

Continue clicking on colors and previewing. Click star icon below thumb if you see some preset you like. Another way to speed up the process to find perfect preset is to click the icon in the top right corner (labels one above another) then to click on preset you like most. In this way, you will give instruction to ReStyle to show you similar presets. When you find you're preset just double click on the thumbnail to return to main Topaz ReStyle window where you can modify preset.
Refine thumbnail preview using show similar feature

Hide panel to get more room

The first thing to do is to after finding preset you like is to hide left side panel to get more room to see image and changes while modifying preset. Although there are a lot of chances that you will find perfect preset which won't need almost any modifications I will continue and further modify this one.
Hide left side panel in Topaz ReStyle to get more room

New Feature: blending modes

I will introduce you immediately new feature: blending modes. Click on Gradient icon then navigate over blending mode name to see instant result. If you like what you see just click on blending mode name to apply it. On the left side of gradient icon you have and Opacity slider which is also useful to refine preset or blending mode result.
Blending modes in Topaz ReStyle

Color Styles

First adjustments offered are Color Style and you can play around with Hue, Saturation and Luminosity sliders for each of 5 colors used in preset or style. At the bottom is Texture section which will help you to keep image texture.
Topaz ReStyle Color Style section

Next section below color style is Masks and you can very quickly and easy create a perfect mask to protect or mask some parts of the image.

Basic tab and new Structure slider

Next tab we will examine is Basic. There are controls which one only can wish to have available: Temperature, Saturation, Black Level, Midtones and White Level. In Detail section is one option which rocks! That option is Structure. Just click and drag it to see some amazing changes! It will boost details and make you say WOW! I just like this slider, it makes me happy!.
Topaz ReStyle Structure slider

New masking options

Now is time to introduce and new masking options which really rocks. You have the option to create gradient mask but also to paint with Brush. What is amazing with Topaz masking is Edge Aware function which automatically detects edges with really, really great precision so you can paint freely and create a most accurate mask you have ever seen!

That’s not all because there are 2 new options: Color Range which works very similar to the same command in Photoshop and Smart Feather which will feather edges for a smooth transition. Really great improvement in Topaz ReStyle and it works perfectly!. First, you will select most of what you want to hide/reveal with one click and then you can activate brush to select (paint over) parts which are missing.
Perfect and easy masking in Topaz ReStyle

With Color Range and brush with Edge Aware it is kids game to create an extremely accurate mask. Just do not forget that you can Undo and Redo everything you are doing using familiar icons with arrows which are present everywhere where you have some controls.

Before/After or side by side preview

Finally when you are satisfied or ready to preview before/after progress, hide and right pane then click on show split preview icon to see before and after image on your screen.
Split View in Topaz ReStyle, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom plugin

Download ReStyle + promotional code

ReStyle is available for download starting on August 8th, 2013. Do not miss the chance to try this wonderful plugin and do not miss the chance to buy it for $29.99 till 31st August 2013 using promo code: restyleit

Free webinars

If you are interested to learn from experts how to use this excellent plugin check this post Upcoming Free Topaz ReStyle Webinars with list and registration links for upcoming free webinars 14-22 August 2013.


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