Adobe Typekit Fonts and File Syncing for Adobe Creative Cloud Subscribers

Creative Cloud application and sync fonts option

I am super excited about and super satisfied with 2 new features available for Adobe Creative Cloud users: Adobe Typekit Fonts and File Syncing. First one Adobe Typekit library is huge with lot of font families and search, sort and classification options, while file sync is what one can expect: to automatically sync files on user hard drive with Creative Cloud storage.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

Let me tell you my first impressions: this is amazing!. Especially Adobe Typekit fonts which you can start using in the middle of project without leaving or restarting application!. Yes, I wrote right, no mistakes: you can search for and install font in the middle of project with application running and start using font in your project immediately without restarting program. I checked for now with Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator but it should work with any other program included in Creative Cloud. If you ask me how file sync work, my answer is: excellent. Immediately after Creative Cloud Files folder was created on my drive I created several folders and sub-folders. After dropping some files in created folders I can confirm that syncing is pretty fast, actually amazingly fast and folders and files appears on Creative Cloud storage exactly as created on my hard drive.
Creative Cloud Files sync folder created on hard drive

The beauty and advantage of Adobe Typekit library

The beauty of Adobe Typekit library is that you can in first place install and start using font in the middle of project without leaving or restarting application. Another beauty is amount and quality of fonts (font families and extended families). Third beauty are search, sort and classification options which makes really easy to find perfect font for your project. Fourth beauty is that fonts are available for web and desktop use what you can choose upon installation process and check compatibility and how font looks on different OS with different browsers. Off course there is specimen and option to preview your custom typed text with all available styles. Fifth beauty is ability to manage installed fonts so it is extremely easy to see which fonts you have installed but also to uninstall or remove them with one click.
Adobe Typekit online library

How to get started using Adobe Typekit

To get started using Adobe Typekit first launch Adobe Creative Cloud app, select Fonts tab and click Start Syncing button. As already mentioned you can do this with any application running in the middle of project when you realize that you need additional font.
Start Syncing fonts through Creative Cloud application

Next you will see Adobe Typekit page in your default browser open and you will be asked to link Typekit to your Adobe ID. Link accounts by clicking I'm new to Typekit button and follow instructions.
Link Typekit with Adobe ID

On Typekit by Adobe main page you can start exploring library using tabs on top of page or Classification, Recommendation and Properties options on the right side of screen.

Once you find font you want to use navigate with mouse over it and click + Use fonts.
Use font from Adobe Typekit library

In the next screen that will appear you need to choose where to use font (family): On the web or On your desktop. In this case I will choose desktop (Sync to your computer using Creative Cloud option) and immediately after that Launch the Creative Cloud application button will become active, click it once, wait a second.
Choose where to use font from Adobe Typekit library
Next on your screen will appear Creative Cloud app to confirm that font or font family is installed so you can start using it.
Creative Cloud application with confirmation that font is installed

I checked immediately with Photoshop all this process and it works! As you can see at screenshot below I was able to use installed font immediately in my project without to restart my lovely application.
Adobe Typekit Installed font in use without restarting running application

Product used in this tutorial:
Adobe Creative Cloud

File and Typekit font sync rolling out. Sign up for early access!


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