Lightroom 5 for Digital Photographers an Excellent Course by Colin Smith

Lightroom 5 for Digital Photographers course review by Bojan Živković

In this post I want to recommend you an excellent and comprehensive course titled: Lightroom 5 for Digital Photographers from the author Colin Smith. Colin is Photoshop Lightroom guru, experienced tutor and I am amazed with the way he is presenting and explaining features and tools.

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What covers the course
This course covers just everything you will ever want to know about Lightroom with many advanced techniques. Course is for beginners to advanced users and you won't be disappointed regardless of level of your knowledge and experience. There are total of 119 videos divided into sections:

Getting Started
The Library and Catalogs
Advanced Adjustments

See all lessons list from this page on PhotoshopCAFE site.

Quality of course
Colin Smith is an excellent and experienced presenter, he is presenting tools and features in an interesting and easy to follow way. This course goes beyond any other I have seen on topic Photoshop Lightroom. Everything is on one place: everything you will ever want to know but also and every question you may have is answered so you won't need forums and our friend Google as you proceed.
Lightroom 5 for Digital Photographers course by Colin Smith

What is included
Entire package contains 119 video clips and extras: lesson files, presets and PDF superguide with top quality authors like Jake Davis. The amount (30) and quality of presets is amazing. I am familiar with Lightroom presets markets and one thing is certain: only this section is worth more than cost of entire package. By the way, presets are excellent way to get quickly things done, as starting point but also to explore Photoshop Lightroom and its capabilities.

Cost and where to buy
You can buy entire package from PhotoshopCAFE site for $99.99 and download it immediately but there is also option to buy physical disc. If you are about to purchase Lightroom course this is your last stop, grab it, enjoy and happy learning! 


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