Lucky Winners of Adobe Photoshop Secrets Giveaway

Lucky winners of Adobe Photoshop Secrets Giveaway

In this post I will reveal 3 lucky winners of Adobe Photoshop Secrets Giveaway: PSD Templates & Photoshop Actions. First of all thanks to all 46 participants. Correct answer on my question: what is current version of Adobe Photoshop? is Adobe Photoshop CC. Here are some stats, actually Polldaddy records:

46 participants: 32 correct answers (73%), 12 incorrect answers (27%) and 2 skips (4%).
Results of Adobe Photoshop Secrets Giveaway

For any complaints or if you want to check your record please contact me through contact form on this blog. I will send you your record: IP address, date and time quiz taken and your answer.

Lucky winners
First let me tell you how I get lucky winners. I was using Microsoft Excel to generate random numbers using RANDBETWEEN function. After generating random numbers I look at records and first 3 matching numbers with correct answer are lucky winners. There wasn't any favoring or my likeness involved when deciding about lucky winners and to whom to give away files.

And the lucky winners are:

Mary King
Nguyen Van Nam
Henry Edwards

Files are sent to lucky winners by Adobe SendNow which allows you to send large files to multiple recipients. With basic free account you can send files up to 100MB and with premium account up to 20GB. Read more if you are interested for this service.

Lucky winners of Adobe Photoshop Secrets Giveaway


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