50% Discount On Lee Varis Photo Illustration & Image Creation Course

50% Discount On Lee Varis Photo Illustration & Image Creation Course

In this post I want to inform you about huge, 50% discount ($49 instead of $99) on entire course: The Basics of Photo Illustration & Image Creation in Photoshop by Lee Varis available on Udemy. Lee Varis is an excellent instructor which have what to say about masking and compositing in Photoshop and he is doing that in one unique and interesting way: I was feeling like he is sitting next to me in the same room while watching videos.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

What you will learn is everything you want to know about selections and how to combine multiple photos to create successful composition. Lee is covering everything and introducing features exactly when is appropriate in all its glory - never just to cover something. Author is also presenting techniques how to create special effects in one easy to understand and follow way. For each lecture (video tutorial) you have options to download tutorial and material used to create final result.
Lee Varis Photoshop Course watch and download page

Here is introductory video:


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