Where to Sell Online Digital Content for Adobe Products

Where to sell online digital content for Adobe products

In this post I will list 3+3 options to sell digital content for Adobe products like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator... Adobe products are not limitation to sell digital content online but I will keep my recommendation in my field based on my personal experience and few months researches. There are 2 ways to sell your digital content: through communities (marketplaces) and on your own. When selling on your own keep in mind that you should have long time presentation and trust from potential buyers, otherwise it may not work as expected. When selling through communities it works better because buyers have trust and most of markets have approval process to ensure buyers will get expected and quality content.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

In my judgment and recommendation I am taking in account: amount of community members which are potential buyers, marketplace or company trust among buyers, approval process, responsibility of marketplace staff and willing to help, flexibility and finally my personal experience.

Adobe Exchange
This is the number one place to sell digital content directly to Adobe users. Community is largest possible especially to sell content and extensions for Adobe products. Company have highest possible amount of trust among buyers and people are willing to buy from Adobe marketplaces. Packaging content for Adobe Exchange is extremely easy what I will describe in some of the next posts. Approval process is pretty quick: usually within 48 hours. If your product is not ready for Adobe Exchange you will receive email with detailed description of required changes. Developer also receives email notifications about uploaded and approved products. Staff is very friendly, responsive and very willing to help you to get started and get the most of your products. There isn't any limitation beside 2GB file size and minimum price which is $5. Payments will be processed by FastSpring and fee is: $1 + 5% of product price. You can upload paid and free products, change price, offer discounts, bundled products and even to create group and invite members who are willing to test your beta product and give you feedback. One of the other key benefits of Groups is to be able to distribute your products to organizations, or internally within a corporation, and take advantage of using Exchange to manage updates.

Plans: with basic free account you can upload up to 10 products from which 2 are paid. You can also apply for commercial products with no limitation and 1 year contract. Read more from here.
Adobe Exchange - best place to sell digital content for Adobe products

Creative Market
This is very nice community and marketplace which works with invitation only. You can apply to Open a Shop immediately after joining community. There isn't any approval process and you are free to set and change price for your product which will be handled and delivered to customer by Creative Market. Pricing is 30% from each sale. Very nice, growing place to sell your products with large number of community members and recently developed extension for Photoshop similar to Adobe Exchange panel.
Creative Market

Graphic River
This is another marketplace to sell your digital content for Adobe (and other) products online. Graphic River is a part of Envato and have large community but also and many limitations unfortunately. Approval process is 5-15 days depend on kind of product and you are not allowed to set your price. Reviewer is the one who will decide and judge if product is ready for marketplace and what should be the price. If product is not approved you will receive email with: sorry, product is rejected. Sometimes they have strange judgment and I start thinking that they are judging with meter and scales for weighing in hands. After product is published you are allowed to delete it, request price change what is pretty painful process and to upload new assets or product revision. It is excellent community to get started and to sell only certain products due to their pretty uniform pricing method.

Plans starts with 50% from each sale for exclusive authors what means you are not allowed to sale same product on different marketplace. For non exclusive products you will get 33% from each sale.
Graphic River

This is one excellent way to sell your digital content on your own. RegNow will host your files without limitation in size. The only limitation is one main and one trial file per product. Delivery method can be set to download, license, custom email or self-fulfillment. You will pay only when selling products: $1 + 5% from each sale. Another advantage of this service is large affiliate network (RegNow is a part of Digital River) and there are good chances that you will have affiliates. You are the one who decides about affiliate commision either in percentages or currency like $ or €. You will get paid in scheduled intervals with lot of options to receive money: check, paypal, wire transfer...
Digital River - RegNow

Very similar service provider to RegNow. Fast Spring have modern user interface, easy to understand and navigate. Options are pretty much the same as on RegNow but without affiliate network. Highly responsive staff willing to help with almost immediate responses.

This is one very interesting option to sell your digital content online. Limitation with Getonic is 200 000 MB per file, PayPal account and nothing else. You can set affiliate commision for anyone who is willing to share on social networks and get commision which is controlled by seller (you). Here is link to Getonic home page. Price for this service is $5/mo. It works as expected, owner is receiving notifications for each sale and resellers are receiving notifications about their affiliate connection with shared product. Both: owner of product and affiliates are receiving payments at the end of month.
Getonic home page

Other options
There are and some other options you may want to check:

Sellfy (unlimited products, storage and bandwidth, fee: 5% from each sale)
PayLoadz ($14.95/mo, 5% + 49 cents)
Shopify (free trial, pricing starts with $30/mo)

If you know about and have good or bad experience with solutions not listed, please leave a comment.


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