Reverse Layers Order in Photoshop

Reverse layers order in Photoshop

There is one command which you may not use it often but definitely it is worth to know about. It is command  in Layer > Arrange > Reverse sub-menu. To be honest I think I have never been using this command before but I knew about, at least I have idea that command which can reverse layers order in layer stack exist in Photoshop.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

Since my layers was arranged exactly opposite of how I need them to be arranged, I start searching for this command in Layer menu (where else?). With wrong arranged layers selected in Layer panel I discovered America or Reverse command in Layer > Arrange sub-menu. It works and it saved me time to drag (Ctrl/Cmd + ] or [ ) layers to rearrange them.
Reverse command in Layer > Arrange sub-menu

Photoshop / Moving, stacking, and locking layers

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS6


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