Thousands of Free Photoshop Actions

Collection with thousands of free Photoshop actions

One of most powerful features in Photoshop are actions. Actions are useful for repetitive tasks but not only. Many of actions available for free can help you in common tasks like: color corrections, retouching, sharpening, B&W conversion, file format conversion, pattern creation, layout creation and off course to create special effects. Here is my ultimate collection of sites from where you can download many outstanding, extremely useful and free actions:

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

Photoshop Exchange
Adobe launched New Adobe Exchange recently and that's your first option to browse and download freebies including actions. Requirement for Exchange panel is Photoshop CS6. That's not all when we speak about actions and Adobe sites. Photoshop Exchange Classic is best available resource with no more, no less but 5060 free actions. Many of available actions are top quality, you won't believe what you have missed if you are not visiting this site. Just go there and filter: Actions, License type: Freeware. After few minutes you will be amazed what is available for free, I can hear you saying: Eureka, America! Requirement to download free actions is to sign in with Adobe ID.

Creativeblog collection
This is one very nice collection: 50 free Photoshop actions to create stunning effects from various resources. Check it out.
Collection of free Photoshop actions on creative blog

This is a must visit site. Beside Free Downloads section, this most popular Photoshop Exchange contributor provides Trial Version or test actions for almost every premium product available, please visit for terms of use. Requirement is to create free account.
Out of bounds free Photoshop action



  1. There's an action for almost anything one does in PS, eh? In the digi-scrap shops you can get actions that make bows, flowers, bird houses, you name it!
    Nice assortment of links!
    Thank you!



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