3 Cool Filter Forge Tips

3 cool Filter Forge tips

In this post I will give you 3 coll and my favorite tips when working with Filter Forge - probably best Photoshop plugin. Filter Forge is fantastic software and beside more than 9000 unique filters which you can download for free, there are always and controls to quick and easy tweak and modify provided preset for particular filter. This means that you can create unique filters in no time. Even better there is and Filter Editor to modify or add components or even to start from scratch and create your unique and awesome filter. For those not familiar with this fantastic software or Photoshop plugin just quick explanation that word filter want to say: pattern, effect, frame, texture, tonal and color enhancement and so on. Pretty similar with Photoshop filters but more powerful tool. Lets go to my tips.

Filter Forge - an advanced Photoshop plugin

Tip 1 Save preset
As already mentioned every filter have some controls, usually sliders, which you can use to tweak filter settings. Once you are satisfied go and save settings as new preset.
Save preset in Filter Forge

Tip 2 Work non-destructively on separate layer
Filter Forge filters can not be applied to Smart Objects but this does not mean you can not work non-destructively. Many of filters (textures, frames, old photo look...) can be applied to blank layer. So, create blank layer, apply filter like Old paper effect for example, then use Photoshop blending modes to blend layer with filter with layer with image.
Apply Filter Forge filter on blank layer

Tip 3 Apply filter to selection
If you want to apply filter only to certain portion of image, make first your selection then run Filter Forge (this does not works when Smart Object layer is active layer in Layers panel).
Apply Filter Forge filter to selected area only


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