Realistic 3D Wood Frames (PSD + PNG)

15 different realistic 3D wood frames in PSD + PNG file formats

In this post I will introduce you my new set of realistic 3D wood frames which comes in PSD + PNG (with transparent background) file formats so you can use them with any page layout and image editing software available on market like: Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Scribus... It is a must have collection for all designers, photographers and anyone who have digital images. Wood Frames collection contains total of 15 PSD + 15 PNG different frames: 4 + 4 frames are 10x8in landscape orientation, 4 + 4 frames are 5x7in portrait and 7 + 7 frames are 8x8in square. You can use this collection for print or web. Best of all frames works excellent when downsampled (resized) to very small pixel dimensions, they keeps details and 3D look and feel. It is very easy to hang frames on wall in any continious tone image or layered composition.

Photoshop Plus

Advantage of using frames with Photoshop
Most options and advantages comes when using Wood Frames with Adobe Photoshop because you can preview any image with multiple frames or export up to 99 different images with the same frame applied. Number of 99 images can be expanded easily. Best of all you do not have to worry about image size, resolution, color mode, orientation, because Photoshop will take care of all in background and everything will work perfect. If you want to test how it works please download test files from here.

There are many options to enhance even further frames using Hue/Saturation, Blending Modes (explained in Help files), Blur, Grain, Overlays, Lighting Effects, Advanced Blending options... Although frames are really fantastic and 100% realistic so you can use them as they are, there is a lot of ground for creativity and as already mentioned frames keeps realistic look and feel even in very small size. I am using downsampled (resized) original frames in all screenshots, advertising and promotional material. Best of all I do not use any enhancement tool or option in Photoshop, all that is used in promotional material is Bevel and Emboss, Drop Shadow and Sharpen Edges - automated function in Photoshop without any control.

Price and how to buy
Price for this set is only $2.95. To buy Realistic 3D Wood Frames follow this link.

Help and Support
As for every other my product I am always available to help and give additional instructions if needed, just send me question or request through contact form. Every feedback and suggestion is highly appreciated, please do not hesitate to contact me.

User guide and frames preview
Below is embedded user guide which travels with purchased package too. At the end of guide you can preview all available frames in Wood Frames collection.


  1. Very nice! I like it that you include the .pdf with all the information. Thank you!

  2. You are welcome, Su. Glad you like it.


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