Quick Save and Close All Open Files in Photoshop

There is one very handy command in File menu: Close All - to quick save (or discard) changes and close all open files. This command is especially useful with already saved on hard drive: PSD , PSB and TIFF (saved with layers) because files will be saved and closed and you wont see any additional dialog when Apply to All in warning dialog is checked. When working with JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF (without layers) it is also useful to proceed more quickly with difference that Save As dialog will appear for each file. Another use is to quickly close all open files which are not changed in Photoshop.

To use this command go to File > Close All or use Ctrl/Cmd + Alt/Opt + W keyboard shortcut. When warning dialog appears, check Apply to All and click Yes to save files with changes, No to discard changes or Cancel to cancel operation.

PS: I found Trevor Morris script Close Without Saving which you can download from here.

Close All Files in Photoshop

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS6


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