Electro Photoshop Text Layer Styles

Electro Layer Styles for Adobe Photoshop

In this post I will introduce you my new set of layer styles titled: Electro. Title or name comes from Electrity patterns (created with Filter Forge for those curious) which I am using for all styles in set. This set of styles works best for type layers or text, esspecialy with rounded sans serif's in range 60-150pt. User guide included in package contains list with recommended and tested fonts. There is also Fonts folder in package with 4 free fonts downloaded from the internet which you can use for good looking results.

Test Style
Best method to ensure yourself in quality and usability of this set is to try it. I am providing one of styles free of charge to test and see how it works for your projects or fonts you want to use. Along with style you will receive and user guide where is explained how to use and customize styles. By the way, if you plan to use styles in print documents read Scale Pattern Overlay customization tip in because Photoshop will automaticaly scale pattern to match document resolution what will cause heavy upsampling, in particular for document with 300dpi resolution pattern will be scaled to 417%. If you do not like appearance of style with upsampled pattern, open Pattern Overlay tab in Layer Style dialog and scale it down to 100%, 150%, 200%. Watch changes on your screen while scaling pattern and stop when it looks good to you.

Price and how to buy
Price for this set of outstanding text styles is $0. You can download styles from Adobe Exchange panel (Photoshop CC > Window > Extensions > Adobe Exchange).

Preview of Electro Photoshop Text Styles. Font used for preview is Cooper Std, my favorite for this styles.
Electro - set with 11 text styles for Adobe Photoshop

User Guide which travels with package and test style.


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