Reveal in Explorer - Excellent New Photoshop CS6 Feature

Reveal in Explorer in Photoshop CS6

Recently I realize new option which appears in context menu on right click on image tab in Photoshop window: Reveal in Explorer. Not big deal you may think. That’s what I thought too, untill bulb start shining in my head. This feature brings something that I always wanted to have in Photoshop. I always wish that Photoshop can guess from which folder I want to open image when there are several images from different folders open. He can now with little of my help. Let me explain you.

When you have several images from different folders open in Photoshop window, evoking Open command will always open last visited folder. In this example I have 3 images open in this order (see screenshot below):

  • template_image01.jpg located in folder 1 on C drive
  • dirty metal.jpg located in folder 2 on D drive
  • Red Wood Background.jpg located in folder 5 on D drive. 
Multiple tabs with open images in Photoshop

Now, if I want to open another image from folder 1 on C drive, evoking Open command will always go straight to last visited folder in Explorer or in this case folder 5 on D drive, so I must search and navigate in Explorer in order to open another image from there. To go straightly to folder 1 on C drive I will right click on tab with image open from that folder (template_image01.jpg ) and choose Reveal in Explorer. New window with folder 1 on C drive where is located right clicked image is opened in Explorer. Now I can double click any image to open it in Photoshop or right click on image and select Open With > Adobe Photoshop CS6 from context menu.
Open With Photoshop from Explorer

Adobe Photoshop CS6 actually have huge amount of new and improved features. I believe that even product managers and evangelists does not know entire list. Pay attention whenever you can, discover new options and enjoy. If you have some cool tip you can submit it to be published on this blog through contact form.

Photoshop / Panels and menus

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS6


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