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Today I am very excited to introduce you my set of 34 extremely useful, flexible and easy to use actions titled: Page Layouts Photoshop Actions. Set is mainly created to help you to arrange or layout continuous tone images but you can use them with any other files supported by Photoshop. Each action will create template with defined number of placeholders in defined proportions and guide you through steps to place files which are clipped to placeholder bounds. Placeholders are vector objects so you can customize them at any time if you want. Please see User Guide and Cataloque embedded below in this post.

This set is not seasonal with some cool effects which are today popular and tomorrow nobody wants them. Layouts survived and will survive decades and all feature Photoshop releases.

Who should use this actions
Because we all use layouts to arrange things, make our work more interesting and tell our stories, there is no specific target group. Every Photoshop user starting from seasonal users, bloggers, site owners, photographers to professional designers can use actions for web or print output. There is no limitation in size, resolution or bit depth. You can specify just any size, resolution, bit depth and action will always deliver layout with defined number of placeholders in defined proportions. For novice and intermediate users exactly what they need. For advanced users time saver. Every action will save you 15-25 minutes to create layout. I am pretty sure anyone will use sooner or later, more or less frequently, every layout included in this set. Multiply just once entire set by 20min in average.

Version and system requirements
I tested actions on Photoshop CS4/5/6/CC but you can test and use them on CS2/3. To exclude any confusion and doubt I am providing 2 test actions to try before deciding to purchase them. Download test actions using Try button on Adobe Add-ons. Same actions works on Windows and Mac, there is no difference.

Price for entire set of actions is $5.00. Here is a link to page from which you can purchase actions.

How actions works
Basically every action will create template with placeholders. Your task is to define sizes, resolution, bit depth at the beginning of action and later to choose files which you want to use. Later on you can customize everything in template. All layers or components created by action are logicaly named and grouped. Below is short video which explains everything you want to know about this set of actions. Layout used in video + one more you can download as test actions before you decide to purchase (use Try button).

Help files
Below are embedded PDF files which are included and will be delivered in purchased package: detailed step by step guide with customization and troubleshooting tips, quick reference as quick reminder and cataloque with detailed description - number of placeholders and defined proportions. As a part of help and support for this and feature actions I created forum Photoshop Actions where you can ask just any question you may have and help other users with same or similar questions and doubts. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time using contact form on this blog. By the way you will need to extract purchased package using any ZIP or RAR archiver like Hamster Free ZIP archiver for Win or iZip for Mac. Action set is under Page Layouts > Actions and help files under Page Layouts > Help folder.

User Guide


Quick reference

One more time link to purchase this incredibly flexible, useful and easy to use set of actions.


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