Find and Replace Font in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator have wonderfull Find Font command which is located under Type menu. Command is not very descriptive and you may never try to use it, but in fact that’s really wonderful and useful command.

When, why and how to use Find Font
You can use Find Font command to replace missing font (< Arial* >) in Illustrator document with another font in use, or with any font installed on your system, but also to replace font only in certain parts of document like heading (s), certain paragraph, navigation menu items and so on.

For this tutorial I will open one of installed templates from File > New from Template > Tech > Online and Display Items. Lets say I am not satisfied with font used for navigation menu in template, which is Myriad Pro by the way. To quickly change font I will go to Type > Find Font. In Find Font dialog I will click on Myriad Pro in Fonts in Document: section.
Find Font dialog in Adobe Illustrator

Next I will choose System from Replace With Font From: drop down list. All fonts installed and available will be listed. There is convenient way to see larger preview of any font in Fonts in System section with Contenxt-click (right click).
Show system fonts in Find Font dialog

To tell to Illustrator which font to use as replacement i will click on Cooper Black to select it in Fonts in System section. Next is to click on Find button in upper right corner couple of times until Illustrator highlight first menu item for which I want to replace font.
Click find button to search for font in document

It remains only to click Change button, then Find again to highlight next instance of Myriad Pro in navigation… You can also use Change All button to replace every appearance of font selected in Fonts in Document section. When you finish click Done button to confirm and exit dialog.
Click Change button to replace font for selected text

Illustrator is fantastic software, full with commands and options which can really make you happy and get job quickly done. Most of options and commands are simple to use, it is only matter to get to know them and to remember to use them.

Illustrator / Fonts

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Illustrator CS6


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