Batch Rename Any Kind of Files in Adobe Bridge

One of my favorite features in Adobe Bridge is to batch rename files. Bridge allows you to rename any kind of files including and MS Word documents (if you will ever need), but for this tutorial I will use photos what is most common task.

Browse for files, reorder and select them
First task in this procces is to find and display files you want to rename. Just to remind you on Show Items from Subfolders function if you have sub-folders. When you see all files you want to batch rename, reorder them as you want then select them. Select all files using Edit > Select All or selectively Ctrl/Cmd +  click and click on first file then Shift + click on last to select range of files. Reordering may be important because Sequence Number will be added to filenames in the same order files appears in selection. Later during batch renaming process you can not reorder files.

Batch Rename
With all files to rename selected go to Tools > Batch Rename (Ctrl/Cmd+ Shift + R) to open Batch Rename dialog.
Find, reorder and select files to rename then go to Tools > Batch Rename

There are several presets you can choose from Presets drop-down list as starting point.
Choose preset as starting point
Choose preset as starting point

In Destination Folder section you can choose to move or copy files if you want. When Move or Copy options are chosen, Browse button will become active.

In New Filenames section you have plenty of options for renaming which are flexible and you can change option by clicking on triangle on the right side and chosing from drop down list.
Choose option to rename files
Choose option to rename files

You can also add or exclude row by clicking on plus or minus sign on the right side.
Exclude (remove) text field
Exclude (remove) row

There is also option to Preserve current filename in XMP Metadata in Options and to see New filename in Preview section. If you want to see how each file is related to desired filename click on Preview button on the top right side of Batch Rename dialog to see Preview dialog with current and their relations to desired filenames.
Preview dialog with relations between current and desired filenames
Preview dialog with relations between current and desired filenames
 Lastly click Rename button in top right corner of Batch rename dialog and you are done, all selected files will be processed (renamed) in second.

Adobe Bridge is very important part of Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite. It is very powerful file browser and manager with many search and organizing, key-wording, finding, previewing, sorting... options including to place multiple files from once in Photoshop for example or to place file in any application. I am using Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge (newer versions) in every session with Photoshop and Creative Suite. If you are not a fan of Adobe Bridge start exploring it and you will be amazed what this software have to offer.

Adobe Bridge Reference

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Bridge


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