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Adobe Photoshop friendly forum

Recently Adobe launches Photoshop friendly forum which is best place to ask your Photoshop question. It is really nice and friendly forum with lot of expert contributors and most important in my opinion: under the eye of Adobe employees and developers like Chris Cox (accidentally appears on developer list when starting Photoshop and from Help > About Photoshop) what is guarantee that you want be miss-leaded and you will get best possible solution, link or detailed explanation with screenshots. I also have few contributions there but usually I do not have chance to contribute because there is always immediate response from community with quality answer or solution.
Adobe Photoshop friendly forum
Adobe Photoshop friendly forum
Why to use Photoshop friendly forum and not some other?
As recently one of my friends said: people who think they know are dangerous. Guarantee that someone can help you troubleshoot problems or give you right direction is not willingness to help or his/her statement on the internet of using Photoshop for a 20 years.The only one who can give recognition and confirmation of skills, experience and expertise is Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe employees and recognized experts know best how to properly use and troubleshoot Photoshop problems.

Search options and notifications
Another advantage of Photoshop friendly forum is that you can search answers, receive email notifications, send private messages to members, save and bookmark treads and so on.
Search options on Photoshop friendly forum
Search options on Photoshop friendly forum

Benefits and awards for contributors
If you are interested to become an active contributor there are some awards and benefits for you. For more details and information's please read Join the experts document.
Join the experts document on Photoshop friendly forum
Join the experts document on Photoshop friendly forum

One of most important thing when you have question is to get right answer which wont mislead you, will give you right direction how to use all power of Photoshop and how to correctly troubleshoot problems. There are many forums out there and many experts by the way, but for my money (and every Photoshop user I believe), expert must have an Amen (recognition) from Adobe, otherwise it is self (potentially dangerous) proclaimed expert and adviser.

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