Apply and Keep Selected in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

Confirm and keep selected in Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop and InDesign has feature which I called for this post: confirm changes and keep selected with means that number typed in certain field like font size will be applied and will remain still selected so you can type another number and experiment with text size, leading, stroke, magnification level ...and so on.

Using confirm and keep selected in Photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop I found most useful this function when working with type from tool options bar and Character panel. With the Type Tool active and layer with text in Layers panel selected, press Enter or Return to place insertion point or in other words to select first text field in options bar. Use Tab key to move forward to next option or Shift + Tab to move backward. When text field for which you want to change value is selected (value have blue background) type number and press Shift + Enter/Return to apply value and keep it selected so you can quickly change number and experiment with value in the same text box. This shortcut is valid and when working with Character panel too.

Another use is to change custom magnification level from status bar or Opacity and Fill value in the Layers panel. Lastly to mention that this cool keyboard shortcut is not valid in Photoshop dialogs like: Image Size, filter dialog's and Layer Style dialog.

You can use Enter or Return to highlight first text (or input) field in Options bar before using any tool (Type tool for example) to set options. First make active that tool what you can do using keyboard shortcut, then press Enter/Return to highlight first input text field in tool options bar, set options which have text input fields and start using that tool.

Using confirm and keep selected in InDesign

In Adobe InDesign you can use this feature in control panel when working with text, frames, shapes. It works with everything that have options in control panel. The trick to work efficiently from keyboard is to select object, text, shape and to press Ctrl + 6 to highlight first text input field or first option in control panel. Next thing to do is to move forward through options using tab key, or to move backward using Shift + Tab. When field for which you are interested is in focus type number or confirm alignment, wrap, rotation using Shift + Enter or Return while keeping that number or option still selected and active so you can change value and experiment on the fly with instant preview. It is actually amazing what you can do using keyboard only: to switch from Character to Paragraph in the options bar, to change reference point location, rotate, move object, change stroke width, opacity, to open Effects dialog, change text wrap…
Confirm and keep selected in Adobe InDesign
Confirm and keep selected in Adobe InDesign
Photoshop / Default keyboard shortcuts
InDesign Help / Default keyboard shortcuts

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6


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