Preparation Kit for ACE on Adobe Photoshop Exam Review

In this post I will review Adobe Certified Expert on Adobe Photoshop #9A0-150 exam preparation kit which can help you to ensure pass from the first attempt. Preparation kit have some significant improvements from my last review Prepare for Adobe exams (or any other) with excellent uCertify PrepEngine. There are so many benefits for photographers and designers to have Adobe Certified Expert Photoshop badge in resume, portfolio, web site or blog.
Photoshop ACE exam preparation kit

Advantage and benefit of Certification
Every certification is benefit and advantage for owner with no doubt. If you are or you plan to be designer or photographer there isn't more valuable proof of your skills with Adobe Photoshop. Adobe software is standard for design and photography and Photoshop is most important single tool available in all Adobe Suites.

Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert is benefit and advantage for all design job seekers, photographers, bloggers, instructors… It tells to employers, readers, potential customers that you are right person and last stop.

Templates, Actions, Patterns, Styles, Frames

Lets say (and that’s true 90% of time) that employer seeks for good designer or photographer with Photoshop skills. He/She found three potential candidates with great portfolios or recommendation. Its now to choose one. Among candidates one is Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert. Which one will be chosen?

Another scenario is that company or individual is looking for Photoshop instructor in his area. Are you serious candidate without Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert in your resume, portfolio, blog?

Just to mention and recent information about gazillion views on YouTube presented by Adobe Photoshop Expert. What make that videos stands out? He is presenting very basic things! I mean very, very basic things which are presented in 10.000 YouTube videos and on every design or Photoshop blog (even with better explanation and with more details).

Advantage of preparation kit
Photoshop is very complex tool with tons of tools, menus, sub-menus, panels, dialogs with options, sliders and drop-down lists. Photoshop Exam contains 64 questions and passing score is 74%. Photoshop PDF help have more then 600 pages written with 9.5pt font size. Any slider, button, sub-menu, quote can be question. One can formulate I believe 50.000 questions and more important: tricky questions which can drive you crazy. Now we are at point, benefit and advantage of preparation kit.

What is preparation kit and how that works
With preparation kit you will concentrate only on limited number of 320 questions. First listed in preparation kit is Pre-Assessment to determine your strengths and weakness.
Diagnostice test
Diagnostice test

Next section is Practice. Not only that you have learn mode in Practice section where you can learn about topic but you can set timer and simulate real exam environment! After completing each of test stets you can review every answer and immediately access and learn correct answer with detailed explanation!
Detailed explanation for each question
Detailed explanation for each question

Interactive book
covers all topic areas listed in Adobe Certified Expert Program published by Adobe
Study material
Study material

There are also other very useful parts or sections of preparation kit:
Analythics with study planner, daily snapshot and performance on practice tests.
Study planner.
Final test to ensure that you are ready for exam in real exam environment with limited time.
Final test
Final test

Accessibility of preparation kit
Preparation kit is available as desktop app but also and on internet from any device at any time so you can learn and practice whenever you have time or mood.
Preparation kit desktop app
Preparation kit desktop app
Preparation kit from iphone
Preparation kit from iPhone

Link to try for free
You can try and test preparation kit at any time and from any device for free. Here is link to try it online for free (you must login with existing Facebook, Google, twitter, Yahoo account or to create new one).

Just to mention and other Adobe preparation kits (InDesign, Illustrator,Captivate, Flex), available to test and try online. Here is link to try it online for free
PS: if you decide to buy prep kit, use this promotion code for 10% discount: RHA

How to register for exam
Adobe recommends Pearson Vue to register for exam. On their site you can register for an Adobe exam and to locate closest test center in your city or neighborhood, even to get direction and trip fuel cost. Link to Pearson Vue
Locate nearest test center
Locate nearest test center

Preparation kit is worth for several reasons: first you will learn and practice only what you really need to pass exam. Second: you will skip frustration and uncertainty. Third: you will save time and money, exam is not very expensive ($180) but only if you pass from the first attempt. Last thought and advice: leave old school designers with only paper and pencil in hand where they belong - in the past. They usually do not recognize importance of Adobe software, skills and certification and can give you wrong advice. By the way, all Adobe design software have pencil in Toolbox and plenty of options to work with, but don't miss to check out and  Adobe Touch Apps - Adobe Ideas.

Adobe Training Service / Certification


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