Search Keyboard Shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Recently after installing Illustrator CS6, I have pressed for the thousand and first time keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N to create new layer. It is shortcut for new layer in Photoshop and doesn’t work in Illustrator, actually it works but to create New (Document) From Template. Then I did good thing by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + K to open Keyboard Shortcuts dialog where I was positively surprised! There is new search field to search shortcuts in Illustrator. Check it out! There is only one catch: by default Tools are selected in drop-down list above search field, so typing search term will search only tools. Change from drop-down list to Menu Commands then start typing menu command like new (layer, document, swatch) or whatever else, just start typing and you will get instant search result based on input. Not only that you can check and remind existing shortcuts for commands in menus, sub-menus and panels but you can also easily find command you are looking for and assign your own keyboard shortcut. Isn't that fantastic? Wouldn't be fantastic to have search field in Photoshop and InDesign keyboard shortcuts dialogs? If you agree please vote for this feature request on

Search keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator CS6
Search keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Illustrator CS6
Illustrator / Default keyboard shortcuts

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Illustrator CS6


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