Easy Way to Clean Up InDesign Document

InDesign ships with wonderful script FindChangeByList which can clean up your document in seconds. You do not need to mess with scripts and codes, everything is ready made. This script contains following instructions for fixes everyone want:
  • Find all double spaces and replace with single spaces.
  • Find all returns followed by a space And replace with single returns.
  • Find all double tab characters and replace with single tab characters.
  • Find all returns followed by a tab character and replace with single returns.
  • Find all double returns and replace with single returns.
  • Find all space-dash-space and replace with an en dash.
  • Find all dash-dash and replace with an em dash.

How to run script to cleanup document

In order to run this script and clean up your document first deselect all (Edit > Deselect All). Open Scripts panel in CS5/6 from Window > Utilities > Scripts and locate JavaScript folder. 

Expand JavaScript folder and locate script FindChangeByList.jsx then double click it. Everything will be done in seconds. Note that if you want to Undo changes then multiple Undos are required, good idea for long documents is to save copy of document from File > Save a Copy or to save document and duplicate it before running this script.

If you have multiple stories (there is and SplitStory script in JavaScript folder) in your document then place insertion point inside any of stories and double click script. New pop-up window will open with choices to search and change entire document or selected story.

If you want to see list which fixes are included in this script then right click on FindChangeList.txt file in FindChangeSupport folder and choose: Reveal in Explorer. In Explorer double click FindChangeList.txt file to open it in default text editor.

At this point I want to recommend you excellent book InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign (2nd Edition) from which I know for this script because find change by name is not very descriptive and I am not running scripts to figure out what each of them can do. If you are using InDesign then you are interested in typography and this book is a must read.

InDesign / Scripting

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe InDesign CS5


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