Useful Info Panel Options in Photoshop

Info panel is very useful panel in Photoshop. If you disagree then I can ques that you are not using it often or maybe you do not know for Info Panel Options. To see this useful panel on right side of your screen go to Window > Info or press F8 keyboard shortcut. By default this panel will show you many useful information's including tool hints, but you can customize what you can see. Click on menu in upper right corner of Info panel and choose Panel Options…
How to display Info panel options in Photoshop
Click panel menu in upper right corner and choose Panel Options...

In Info Panel Options dialog customize First, Second Color Readout, measurement unit for Mouse Coordinates, leave Show Tool Hints turned on to remind you on additional options for every tool and check any Status Information that have sense for you. I have turned on Document Size, Document Profile and Document Dimensions.
Info Panel Options dialog
Info Panel Options dialog
Work with the Info panel - Photoshop Help

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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