PicPick - Free All in One Tool for Designers

PicPick is free all in one tool for designers with all necessary functions: Screen Capturer, Image Editor, Magnifier, Color Picker, Pixel Ruler,  Protractor, CrossHair and even Whiteboard which allows you to annotate or in other words to draw and write on screen then to save screenshot with anotations. 
Annotate on screen with PicPick
Annotate on screen with PicPick

Just to mention that Image Editor have many effects and filters (Frames, Blur, Sharpen, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast), drawing options and allows you to create even new blank document. Downloads from here.
PicPick image editor
PicPick image editor

Beside many useful options this free software have and powerful Prefrences dialog where you can set hotkeys, delay before capture, auto save options, default format and so on. To not forget options to upload screen captures to twitter, facebook or to send to Outlook, Word or any other external program.
PicPick preferences dialog
PicPick preferences dialog

Very good, actually best free all in one tool for designers which is free for personal use only what mean you can use it freely at home but not and in business environment (Office...).


  1. PicPick is really a great tool for designers as it has various functions such as image editor, magnifier and many more. It seems very effective tool for designing. Thanks for providing this valuable information about picpic tool.

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  2. Hi, there!

    I've used Pic-Pick for several years now. I love it!
    The very best feature is that it will capture the entire screen page, from top to bottom, no matter how long the page. It 'scrolls' by itself, with specific settings, of course.
    I copied an entire page of products from a shop once that was over a 40,000 pixels in length.
    Great tip for all!



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