How to Uninstall Photoshop Extension

Adobe Photoshop have a lot of extensions, some of them are free like latest Tutorial Builder or Russel Brown’s Adobe Emailer, Painter Assistant and so on. It is very easy to install and try them, just find extension on internet, download it, close Photoshop and double click on extension icon. Adobe Extension Manager will open with request to confirm installation and you are done, open Photoshop and try it.
Install Photoshop extension
Install Photoshop extension
But what if you do not like extension or you do not need it anymore? Probably you want to uninstall it to not occupy your hard drive space. To uninstall Photoshop extension close Photoshop and locate Adobe Extension Manager which should be in Program Files > Adobe folder on your system. When you open Adobe Extension Manager folder double click on Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe icon and new window will open. Click on the name of extension you want to uninstall and when Remove button appear click it once and confirm. That’s it, leave the rest to Extension Manager and close window when name of extension disappear from the list.
Adobe Extension Manager
1. Double click Extension Manager icon 2. Click name of extension you want to uninstall 3. Click Remove button


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