How to see accurate Print Size in Photoshop

Photoshop offers Print Size preview which is available from View menu and as button in tool or options bar located just below menus whenever Hand and Zoom tolls are active. If you use default Photoshop settings then all chances are that you do not see actual print size. There is a way to fix this. Photoshop CC users please read this post: How to See Print Size in Photoshop CC.

Why you do not see accurate print size

The reason is because Photoshop ships with default Screen Resolution of 72 px/inch in Edit > Preferences > Units and Rulers. This resolution is also connected with print size preview and that’s the reason. I said all chances are that you do not see accurate print preview because every newer computer or laptop have 96 or higher resolution. Where is problem? Lets say you have image: 2816x2112 px with 300 px/inch resolution what mean that image will have phisycal dimension of 9.386 inches (Document Size in Image Size dialog) in width when printed (2816/300).
Image Size dialog in Adobe Photoshop
Image Size dialog in Adobe Photoshop 

When you choose Print Size from View menu Photoshop will generate print dimension from Width number in Document Size (Image Size dialog) multiplied by resolution from Units and Rulers in Preferences dialog. In this particular case that will be 9.386x72=676px. Because my screen resolution is 96 that mean I will have 676/96px resolution=7 inches wide preview instead of 9.386.

Photoshop add-ons created by Bojan Živković owner of DesignEasy blog

How to fix Print Size preview
First you must get to know your screen resolution. Most computers and laptops from what I know ships with explanation like 1280x800 what is actually number of pixels on X and Y axis and not resolution you need to see accurate print size. To determine screen resolution you must measure your screen in inches either on X or Y axis then to divide number of pixels by number of inches you have measured. For me that was 1280/13.3=96 because I measured my screen to 13.3 inches in Width.
Screen Resolution on Windows XP laptop
Screen Resolution on Windows XP laptop

Change Screen Resolution in New Document Preset Resolution

After you have determined your screen resolution visit Preferences dialog and enter that resolution in Screen Resolution text field on Units and Rulers tab. That’s it, now try it and compare with printed image. From what I know nothing changed in Photoshop CS6. I am still using Ps CS5 and if you have installed new CS6 version please check if anything changed and leave comment.
Screen Resolution on Units and Rulers tab in Photoshop
Screen Resolution on Units and Rulers tab in Photoshop
Photoshop / Image size and resolution

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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