Change Layer Effects Default Settings in Photoshop

Photoshop ships with default settings for each of layer effects, that’s what you already know. Default settings will be applied every time you choose to use any of available effects like Drop Shadow for example. For Drop Shadow default settings are: Blend Mode: Multiply and color black, Opacity 75% and so on, i wont mention all settings which are part of this effect but i will mention Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow option which is turned on by default and is important if you want to use Fill Opacity slider to achieve cool layer effects as described in my previous post How To Use Fill Opacity in Photoshop.
Default Drop Shadow settings in Adobe Photoshop
Default Drop Shadow settings in Adobe Photoshop

How to change default settings and save them as new defaults
With all available settings you can play and tweak them to achieve desired result. For example you can change Opacity to 50%, Distance to 3 and Size to 6px and to add Noise 2-3% for more realistic shadow. If you find yourself often to use same settings over and over again for any of effects not only for Drop Shadow, go and save that settings as new defaults. After achieving effect you want click Make Default button at bottom of Layer Style dialog and current configuration for that effect will be saved as new default overwriting factory default.
Save current settings as new defaults for  layer effect in Adobe Photoshop
Save current settings as new defaults for  layer effect in Adobe Photoshop

Button next to Make Default is there to go back to default settings if you will ever need. Little explanation here, for example you decided to change default settings to Distance 30 and Size 5px leaving the rest as it is, clicking Reset to Default will back you to Distance 30 and Size 5px not to Photoshop factory's default Distance 5 and Size 5px.
Drop Shadow with new default settings automatically applied in Photoshop
Drop Shadow with new default settings in Photoshop
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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


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