Scale Applied Pattern in Illustrator

You can scale patterns in Illustrator at any time even after applying them to shapes and strokes, don’t you know? If you are wondering how to apply pattern to stroke just click X on your keyboard after drawing shape and choose pattern (this is secret, please don’t tell to anyone). Let me explain you “even after applying pattern”, because you can drag any pattern to pasteboard, scale it to desired size then to drag it back to Swatches panel and you have new pattern ready to run as Carl Lewis on Olympic Games.

Now let’s see how to scale pattern in Illustrator using tool options. First off course apply pattern (Swatches > Swatch Libraries menu > Patterns).
Pattern libraries in Illustrator
Pattern libraries in Illustrator
Next step is to locate Scale Tool in toolbox, click S on keyboard to ensure its icon will be visible, then double click it (icon), alternatively go to Object > Transform > Scale. Scale dialog will open, uncheck all except Patterns at bottom of dialog (tip is how to scale pattern but you have and other scale options), then use fields at top of dialog to scale uniformly or non-uniformly. You can even duplicate object by clicking Copy button at right side of dialog. When duplicating object only new (duplicated) will take scaling effect.
Scale dialog in Adobe Illustrator
Scale dialog in Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator / Scaling, shearing, and distorting objects

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe InDesign CS5


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