Link Info in InDesign

Link Info in InDesign shows up useful information’s about linked file like: location in document, colour space, actual ppi, effective ppi, status and so on. To see information’s about linked file first expand LINKS panel (Window > Links or Shift + Ctrl + D). If you do not see Link Info in LINKS panel click arrow on the right side at bottom of panel to expand it. Now you can click on any linked file listed in panel to see information’s.
Expand Link Info in InDesign

Click linked file in document then expand LINKS panel to get same results.
Expand links panel in InDesign

To control which information’s are displayed in LINKS panel click panel menu in top right corner then choose Panel Options. In Panel Options dialog you can choose row size at top of dialog and which information’s you want to see in panel on the right side of thumbnail (Show Column) and information’s which will be displayed in Link Info (Show in Link Info).
Panel Options in InDesign

For this example I choose Effective PPI to be displayed (along with Status and Page) in LINKS panel next to thumbnail of linked file (Show Column). Here I will point to Status which shows you up status of linked file and displays warning whenever linked file is out of date and I recommend you to turn it on.
Effective PPI displayed in LInks panel in InDesign
If you are not familiar with term Effective PPI here is quick explanation: that is output PPI, for example image 1280 x 680 px with resolution 96 PPI (in Link Info - Actual PPI) placed in Indesign and scaled to 33% have effective or output resolution of 280 PPI.

InDesign / Managing graphics links

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe InDesign CS5


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