Date View in Photoshop Elements Organizer

What is Date View in Photoshop Elements?

Date View is an option to search and view your images in Photoshop Elements Organizer where instead of a contact sheet–like view in Media Browser (Photo Browser in previous versions), you see your images laid out on a calendar.

Using Date View

Choose Date View from Display menu to see your images lied out on a calendar grid. Use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + D to enter Date View and Ctrl + Alt + O (the letter O not zero) to exit and go back to Media Browser.
Date View from Display menu in Photoshop Elements Organizer

In Date View you will see small thumbnails of images you shoot on given date. If you shoot many pictures on a given date the images are stacked, number of stacked images is displayed in upper left corner of thumbnail. To change Day, Month or Year (depend of which view you are using) displayed use mouse scroll wheel or keyboard shortcuts PgUp and PgDn. To jump to beginning of the Month use Home key, for the end of Month hit End key on your keyboard. To walk through Days in calendar grid use arrow keys.
Date View by Month in Photoshop Elements Organizer

Change displayed view to Day, Month or Year from bottom of calendar, just click option.
Change view to Day, Month, Year

When images are stacked use Previous and Next buttons on the right side of screen or click play button in the middle to Start Automatic Sequencing or slideshow.
Start slideshow or cycle through images stacked for selected date

Using Photoshop Elements 10 / Getting started

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop Elements 10


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