Process Multiple Files in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements offers feature similar to Image Processor in Photoshop, similar but not exactly the same with some advantages and disadvantages. Advantage is that you can apply Quick Fix without recording actions and to add watermark text if you want, disadvantage is that you can not control Quick Fix.

There is one option not covered in video tutorial: Same as Source below Destination folder. Use this option if you want to save images in same folder but keep in mind that original files may be replaced. For example if you want only to resize JPEG images and save them with medium quality without changing output file format to different format (Convert Files to:) original images will be replaced, but if you choose different file format from Convert Files to: drop-down list you wont lose original files and do not worry about warning message which will appear when this option is checked.
Warning Message

Simply speaking processing JPEG’s to TIFF’s or PSD’s with Same as Source turned on wont overwrite original files, processing JPEG’s to JPEG’s with Same as Source turned on will replace original files.

When resizing images I do not suggest messing with Constrain Proportion turned off, simply turn on this option and type only one value for Width or Height. Second value will be automatically calculated. This mean longer side of image (this depend on image orientation) will be resized to desired width or height, second dimension will be resized accordingly to original proportions. For example: you have image with pixel dimensions 1280x640 px, turn on Constrain Proportions and type 640 px in Width field . Image will be resized to 640x320 px. You can also choose inches for measurement unit to type dimension in inches when final image destination is printer, and do not forget to check Resolution for printing purpose.

You have also options to control font and position of watermark text (Position and Font drop-down lists in Labels section) and to mention that I opened processed image from Open Recently Edited File list to shorten video for navigation to the folder on hard drive.

Using Photoshop Elements 10 / Working in Photoshop Elements / Opening files in the Edit workspace / Process multiple files

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop Elements 10


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