Hidden Stroke options in InDesign

InDesign have some really cool and really hidden options when creating custom strokes. I know for three custom Strokes you can create in InDesign and print them as well: Lights, Feet and Rainbow. Here is Lights preview:
Lights custom stroke in InDesign
Lights custom stroke in Adobe InDesign

To create custom stroke in InDesign first open STROKE panel. Click panel menu and choose Stroke Styles..
Open Stroke Styles dialog in InDesign
Open Stroke Styles dialog in Adobe InDesign

In Stroke Styles dialog click New button to open New Stroke Style. Type in Name text field Lights, Feet or Rainbow. For Lights and Feet choose Dash for type and for Rainbow choose Stripe from Type drop-down menu. Click Add button at right side then confirm on OK.
Steps to create new custom stroke in InDesign
Steps to create custom stroke in InDesign

To apply custom stroke click on path,shape or object like image, set Weight in Stroke panel to 20,30 pt or any other number then from Type menu choose desired stroke.
Apply custom stroke in InDesign
Apply custom stroke in Adobe InDesign

InDesign / Applying line (stroke) settings

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe InDesign CS5


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