Copy Appearance from one object to another in Adobe Illustrator

In Adobe Illustrator you can quickly copy appearance from one object to another using Eyedropper tool. Basically it is copy-paste done at once. Appearance want to say: Stroke, Fill, Live Effects (Roughen, Zig Zag) even and Photoshop raster Effects. First select Eyedropper tool (I) from toolbox, press Ctrl on your keyboard to temporary switch to Selection tool. Click object you want to transfer appearance to select it.

Copy appearance of object in Illustrator
Select object from which you want to copy appearance

Release Ctrl to switch back to Eyedropper tool then click on object from which you want to copy appearance.

Paste appearance in Illustrator
Pate copied appearance to another object
You can also double click Eyedropper tool to open Tool options where you can specify attributes you want Eyedropper tool to copy (Picks Up) and which to paste (Applies).

Illustrator / Appearance attributes

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Illustrator CS5


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