Create clipping path in Photoshop

You can use image clipping paths to define transparent areas in images you place in page-layout applications like InDesign – read more in Photoshop – InDesign integration (placing images and text wrap options).

How to save path and how to make it Clipping Path

To create clipping path in Photoshop first create Work Path using Pen tools (usually) and convert it to Path. To convert Work Path to Path just double click Work Path in Paths panel and confirm on OK in Save Path dialog.

Another way to create Work Path is to make selection then select any selection tool from toolbox, right click and choose Make Work Path – or click Make work path from selection at bottom of Paths panel.

Create Clipping Path from Path

When you have path in Paths panel (by default Path 1) click panel options icon in upper right corner to open drop-down list with options and choose Clipping Path. Confirm on OK in Clipping Path dialog which will appear. Note: you can save clipping path and with JPEG image (File > Save or Save As) along with PSD, TIFF, PDF, EPS, DCS.
Create clipping path in Photoshop
Create clipping path in Photoshop

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Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5


  1. With magic wand tool path selection can be done also but its true that pen tool is the perfect choice for path selection.Here is a tutorial on clipping path -

  2. You provide a nice description making path using pen tool Its really easy and effective to create path using pen tool. Just keep it up this kind of learning resource.


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