Create cool backgrounds using gradients in Ps and pse

Backgrounds I will show you how to create can be like these:
There is no limit in variations and colors. First create new blank document, select Gradient tool and set blend mode from Mode: drop-down list in options bar to Difference. Choose gradient from Gradient picker and set drawing mode to Radial Gradient for example but you can try and other drawing modes especially Diamond Gradient.
Click and drag inside canvas several times.
Then click outside of canvas and drag to draw gradient. Continue drawing gradients from inside and outside of canvas and see what you like most.
Try to create several layers with different creations then use layer blending modes. Whenever you like results do not stop, create snapshot on History panel and continue experimenting.

Keyboard shortcuts:
Next gradient: (.)
Previous gradient: (,)
First gradient: Shift + (,)
Last gradient: Shift + (.)
Next drawing mode: ]
Previous drawing mode: [

Photoshop / Gradients
Photoshop / Default keyboard shortcuts

Product used in this tutorial: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended


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